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“Quality assurance as a central
element of responsible and
reliable corporate policy”

 Quality, quality assurance and an integrated management system are important elements of TOKAI ERFTCARBON's corporate policy

Our customers place high demands on the graphite electrodes we produce, the quality of which we ensure with our integrated management system. Modern production facilities, standardised production processes and intensive process control ensure the production of consistently high-quality electrodes. High-quality raw materials are the basis for quality. To ensure the high quality and long-term availability of the raw materials we process, we maintain close communication with our suppliers. To ensure compliance with our own strict standards, we carry out checks at every stage, from the receipt of raw materials and secondary materials through production to dispatch.

Through comprehensive know-how and constant innovation, our products meet the latest quality standards. In order to achieve continuous improvement in the quality of products and processes, we see it as our essential task to promote the sense of responsibility and quality consciousness of our employees and to ensure the effectiveness of our quality assurance measures.

We are convinced that the qualification of our employees, as well as their commitment, initiative and action in the company’s interest are the prerequisites for our economic success. It is important to us that this success is achieved in compliance with our corporate guidelines and the legal regulations. Our corporate goals are in line with our established corporate policy and are part of the continuous improvement process.


ISO 9001 certified since 1992

We have been certified according to the ISO 9001 quality management standard since 1992. The basis for our consistent product quality is a comprehensive understanding of processes at all stages of production. From the raw material to the graphite electrode ready for shipment, the entire production chain is accompanied by well-tried test procedures with which the essential product and process parameters are documented and evaluated.

ISO 50001 certified since 2012

Since 2012, we have been successfully certified according to the energy management standard ISO 50001. The production of graphite electrodes is very energy-intensive. Minimising the energy consumption required for production is therefore a top priority for our company. We are committed to regularly recording and assessing our energy performance across all energy types and to a continuous improvement process with regard to potential energy savings. This also includes strategies for a more climate-neutral energy supply. Reducing energy consumption conserves resources, reduces emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases and lowers costs.

ISO 14001 certified since 2001

For TOKAI ERFTCARBON, environmental protection and the pursuit of profitability are not opposing factors, but instead complement each other. We have been certified according to the environmental management standard ISO 14001 since 2001. The protection of the environment is an indispensable basis for all our actions. Therefore, environmental protection is consistently taken into account in all our activities, not only in production, but especially in planning and preparatory measures. This also includes using raw materials, energy and resources as sparingly as possible. Residual materials from our production are recycled for the most part. The regular certification of the existing environmental management system according to ISO 14001 underlines the high importance we attach to our employees, customers and suppliers. As a result, the legal requirements are met and an open information policy is pursued.

ISO 45001 certified since 2020 (ISO OHSAS 18001 certified since 2009)

Since 2009, we have been certified according to the occupational health and safety standard OHSAS 18001. 2020 saw the successful conversion to the new occupational health and safety standard 45001. High standards of occupational safety are an essential part of our corporate philosophy. In all activities, the concerns of the employees are taken seriously and considered in this respect. We strive to always achieve the highest possible level of protection with regular intensive and detailed company-related training and instruction as well as through technical and organisational measures. A responsibility that is reflected in the ISO 45001 certification.